Good Food and Fun are Within Reach at Arbor Pointe Apartments

Friends Having LunchIf you’re ready to stop being bored and to start experiencing all that Lakewood has to offer without spending a fortune in gas and harming the environment in the process, then you’re ready to move to Arbor Pointe Apartments! This beautiful, natural apartment complex is easy to miss, since it’s shrouded in beautiful trees and flowers, but you won’t want to pass it up. The reason why is because underneath that rustic feel and charm, you’ll find a luxurious apartment complex just minutes away from the hottest spots in Lakewood, Washington.

First off, if you love good food, then you’ll know you’re in the right place the second you cruise by all of the wonderful restaurants located just minutes away from Arbor Pointe Apartments. Enjoy a locally brewed beer and some yummy bar fare at Ram Restaurant and Brewery on 59th Avenue. Or take a stroll on down to Lakewood Drive and get some authentic Italian cuisine at Casa Mia Pizzeria and Restaurant. You can also aim for a unique and locally made treat at Moonrise Café, perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike. If you’re the opposite and just want to rip into a big, juicy steak, then Black Angus Steakhouse, located only a few minutes away on Bridgeport Way, is sure to be your top choice.

Of course, real nightlife involves quite a bit more than just going out to dinner. After you’ve had a delicious meal, you can hit the town safely, knowing you’re only minutes away from home at all times. Have a relaxed good time and check out a game on the big screen at Lakewood Pub and Grill, a favorite of the locals, or enjoy nightly drink specials at rock bottom prices at the aptly named Last Call Bar on Lakewood Drive.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the family friendly side of things, don’t worry; Arbor Pointe Apartments has you covered! Take the kids just down the road to eat pizza and play all kinds of arcade games to their hearts’ content at the local Chuck E. Cheese. Both adults and children alike can also join in on the fun of arcade games and more, like miniature golf, at Otherside Games on 40th Avenue. Also keep in mind that there are tons of parks and large outdoor spaces for play with the little ones as well.

In addition to all of this, movie theatres, great shopping opportunities, a local farmers’ market, museums, historic tours, and more are all just a few short minutes away for Arbor Pointe residents. If you want to experience all of this for yourself, then you’re definitely encouraged to come by and tour this lovely community. Don’t forget that you can also take a virtual tour online by visiting the complex’s website. Whatever you decide to do, we know that you’ll fall in love with these apartments and with the surrounding community and all it has to offer you as well.

Arbor Pointe Apartments Offer Comfort and Accessibility

If you’re looking for a great apartment community that is going to offer you comfortable living and closeness to all that the city of Lakewood has to offer without having to pay an arm and a leg, then you definitely need to experience Arbor Pointe Apartments. This amazing complex features one, two, and even three bedroom apartments all set in a rustic, relaxing area, or so it seems. While the Arbor Pointe Apartments community prides itself on being quiet and peaceful, in reality it’s only a few short minutes away from all the best fun and excitement available in Lakewood. You’d never know it though, thanks to the beautiful trees and flowers that make up the neighborhood.

What you’ll find the most of in Lakewood, especially close to the Arbor Pointe Apartments area, are beautiful parks, perfect for relaxing or engaging in your favorite outdoor activity. American Lake Park, located on Veterans’ Drive, is a large five acres and offers visitors the chance to bring their own picnics or to grill out, to take a boat out for a ride or two, to swim in a sandy natural beach area, or just to enjoy the playground and other facilities. 

Outdoor with Family

Nearby Edgewater Park, located on Edgewater Drive, is much smaller at only one acre in size. However, it offers free boat launching to the public, whereas most other parks charge a fee. Visitors are encouraged to picnic at the area, to watch the boats take off, or to bring out their own boats and enjoy the beautiful lake.

By far, however, the largest and most commonly visited park in the general area is Fort Steilacoom Park. This massive park offers opportunities for swimming, playing on a wide variety of playground equipment, striking up a sports game on one of the many fields, touring historic sites and learning about the history of the area, hiking, jogging or walking down several trails, and frolicking with your furry friend at the off leash dog park.

If you enjoy Fort Steilacoom Park and most people do, then you’ll also like Lakewood Active Park, which is a bit smaller but even closer. This park has a large field full of open grass where your children (or you!) can run and play. This is also a great spot to take your pets, as long as you’re willing to clean up after them! There’s also a basketball court, perfect for starting up a quick game, and lots of playground equipment for the little ones.

While this might make it sound like Arbor Pointe Apartments are all about parks and the great outdoors, don’t worry! While these apartments are definitely a good place to be for nature lovers, they are also close to some of the best nightlife, restaurants, dance clubs, movie theatres, art venues, shopping, and more that the city has to offer. All you have to do is step outside your apartment to start exploring the beauty of Lakewood and realizing how fortunate you are to live so close to it all.